About This Blog

Hi, my name is Priya, and I am an Indian girl who loves to cook. I have always had a passion for cooking, and it is something that brings me immense joy. Recently, I decided to start a food recipe blog where I could share my love for cooking with the world.

As I was brainstorming names for my blog, I wanted something that was unique and catchy. After much thought, I came up with the name “Ingrid’s Kitchen.” I loved the way it sounded, and I thought it would be the perfect name for my food recipe blog.

You might be wondering why I chose a Danish name for my blog when I am Indian. Well, the answer is simple. I have always been fascinated by the Danish culture, and I have a good friend named Ingrid who is from Denmark. She is an amazing cook, and I have learned a lot from her over the years.

Naming my blog after her felt like a perfect tribute to her and to the Danish culture that I have grown to love. I reached out to Ingrid and asked for her permission to use her name, and she was thrilled about the idea.

Ingrid’s Kitchen is now up and running, and I am having a blast creating new recipes and sharing them with my readers. I am also using this platform to introduce people to the amazing flavors and spices of Indian cuisine.

Through my blog, I hope to inspire people to try new recipes, explore different cultures, and find joy in cooking. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my love for cooking with the world, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.